COMOX 2018:

Basking in the sun on coastal bluffs my clients wanted a moving and breathing coastal garden space for between the existing house and a new building. Tucked away from the wind, this garden provides a calm area and creates a useful and beautiful outdoor space.  Shallow but well drained sandy soil means plants need to be tough, beautiful, drought tolerant, and create colour and texture through all four seasons.

Central Garden1

A rocky border brings natural angles and texture to the space and the concrete pavers carry the eye, weaving here and there of the plantings mulched in gravel. The keystone of the concept, anchoring the design and defining the space, is a narrow rill; a modern water feature cutting through both garden beds and path, and creating the edge of the open patio area. Edged by slender concrete pavers it is a minimal maintenance water feature and brings instant drama and unique definition to the garden.

Front and Side Yard

The entrance to the house is to be concrete slabs alternating with gravel in a modern look with clean lines.  Trees in large containers punctuate the clean grey and white with lush foliage and year round interest.

Side Entrance

The side yard maintains the concrete slabs on a small scale, inviting the eye around the corner to the coastal garden space. Stepping up on floating concrete steps over a gabion wall and through the slatted custom fence there is a Lily Magnolia anchoring the far side and creating the organic structural lines that contrast the hard form of the concrete.

Central Garden Close Up

Reviving existing fencing and a covered wooden bench with modern touches, I’ve worked in a decorative screen to the back of the bench, creating another privacy level between neighbours and clients, after a mixed hedge, fencing, and then the bench itself.

Lustrous and sleek, this outdoor space is softened by breezy moving coastal plantings; a restful oasis in the midst of a blustery day.

Comox Feb 2018 Concept-1