This Comox garden is coming alive…

20190626_122610One of the lessons of landscape design is patience.

Design is a process, and it takes time for all the pieces to come together to achieve a fully realized landscape. In depth client meetings, detailed site analysis, mapping out of main components, developing the overall concept, working through revisions, finalizing layouts and pouring over plants – these are all steps we go through together, and we haven’t even started digging yet!

20190626_122558Once a design is ready, then comes meeting with contractors, sourcing Estimates, arranging installation times and subcontractors, and even then – even when everything is installed and neatly arranged and planted – you still have to wait! Plants take time to grow into their own luscious selves. Your average perennial takes about two years to become settled into its new environment, but trees can take 5 to 10 years to really develop.

So it is with much happiness that I am starting to see my landscape designs coming into their own, after my three years in the Comox Valley.

20190626_122739This project is on a large residential lot in Comox, and was a blank slate when my clients moved in. They wanted a cottage style, restful oasis where they could enjoy the outdoor living space and entertain guests.

The focal feature of the space is a tall curved pergola, custom built by our local favorites, Cascadian Woodtech. The landscape itself was installed by the fabulous crew at Greenatopia. The client is very happy with the services of both! And myself, happily.

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