Just another day at the office…

20190424_131402Every so often a day comes along during which you feel as if you have the best job you could possibly have, even if you factor in the multitude of inter-dimensional realities that quantum physics can encompass. This was one of those days.

Water has always been an element to which I am drawn.  It never fails to settle my nerves, refresh my body or mellow my mood. I spent my younger years submerged under the sparkling surface of Sproat Lake in Port Alberni; startling minnows, turning over stones and doing headstands on the sandy bottom.

I am fortunate to have a client who reached out, asking me if I could assist with a design for her lake side home at Sproat Lake. So today for a mini road trip I was lake bound to meet her lovely home, explore the site, take notes and measurements and create a design that will reflect the natural simplicity of her new build and nestle it into the shore side paradise.

20190424_131212A better canvas for design would be hard to find.

On my way back home there is a dull but sweet ache in my heart for the days long past of summer bliss and beautiful memories. Balancing the ache, I have the good fortune to be able to help someone create their own lake side memories for generations to come.


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