DIYers – with a PLAN.


You’ve just purchased a lovely home on a small acreage. The location is fabulous, your house is perfect with only a few tweaks, but your new garden… Well, the garden definitely needs a fresh vision and some direction on how to get there. Your new landscape also needs a connection to you – your lifestyle and personalities.

My clients in Bowser have found themselves in this situation.

front bed from drivewayOverall my clients wanted a landscape plan that gave enough information to work on the garden over the years, but in the front they wanted to be able to fully visualize the space before they make their changes. The 3D Perspectives above are so helpful to envision a concept before any expensive improvements occur.


theme board

A Theme Board is another useful design tool to help visualize the conceptual landscape and the various elements within it. 



  • PHASES:  They want to have a long term vision for the property that they can work on themselves in phases, piece by piece, and asvtime and budget allows.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE:   My clients have busy lives and want certain areas to have minimal maintenance requirements with other more focal areas taking higher priority.
  • DEER:  These critters are everywhere on Vancouver Island. There are very few plants I would consider deer proof, but many beautiful species are at least deer resistant. (Note: could someone please ensure the deer get that memo?) The back yard is fully fenced but the front is free game.
  • BEAUTY:  The points listed above do not preclude this one – gardens should be beautiful! There endless ways to incorporate function and form, and good design always blends the two.
  • FOOD PRODUCTION:  Raised vegetable beds and an English inspired herb garden ensure a bounty of seasonal produce.

colour concept




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